You will not believe the power you get from these kits!

High Performance Add-ons for Ford, Dodge and the Chevy Duramax Engine!

If you haven't heard of us we're the diesel guys. We know how to take and anemic engine and gibe it muscle to lead. We have over 75 products and systems designed to add real muscle to your Chevy, Dodge or Ford diesel.


Examples of some of the packages available:
Package I: 12 valve Dodge
Delivers and increase of horsepower from 149 to 349 for a 43% increase and torque increases from 304 to 742 (41%) at 2350. 

Package I: 7.3 liter Ford
Get up to 75% increase in horsepower and torque. Stock hp of 232 increase to 307 and torque increases from 462 to 627 at 2600 rpm.



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